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Braces-Safe Christmas Treats

By December 1, 2022Dental Health

Celebrating the holidays with braces can be different than what you’re used to. You might have to skip a few foods that aren’t braces-safe. But the good news is there are still lots of braces-safe Christmas treats! You might just discover your new favorite holiday treat!

Finding Braces-Safe Treats

It’s important to learn about which foods are braces-safe Christmas treats and which ones are not before holiday get-togethers so that you can enjoy the holidays without worrying about breaking your braces.

Orthodontists typically recommend avoiding foods that are sticky, chewy, crunchy, or hard. In general, foods that are soft, easy to chew, don’t stick to your teeth, and don’t require you to bite directly into them tend to be braces-safe Christmas treats.

Sometimes it can be hard to say no to fun holiday treats and sweets, but it’ll be worth it when you get your braces off and get to enjoy your amazing new smile!

Caring for Braces Through the Holidays

Speaking of your amazing new smile: it’s important to take good care of your braces to help ensure that your smile looks and feels its best all holiday season long!

Braces care is easy. Simply make sure that you brush your teeth well after you eat and don’t skip your appointments with your orthodontist, even if the holidays get extra busy!

Sticking to your normal braces-care routine during the holidays might take a little extra effort, but you’ll be so glad you did! It’ll help to keep your braces treatment plan on track so you can make sure you’ll get your braces off on schedule.

Ask Your Orthodontist!

If you have questions about braces care, don’t hesitate to ask your orthodontist! Sometimes it can be difficult to find braces-safe Christmas treats if you have food allergies or special dietary restrictions. Your orthodontist will be happy to help you figure out how to navigate the holidays with your new braces so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the festivities and fun of the season!

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